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Snäcksund Croft

The Croft is a place for short interdisciplinary residency periods.

The focus is on the so-called Residency-in-Residence format, aimed at experts from different areas of society, with whom the fellows in the Snäcksund Villan program collaborate with.


The Pro Artibus Foundation collaborates with HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme and Frame Contemporary Art Finland to support Ukrainian artists fleeing, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, by offering the Snäcksund Croft as a Solidarity Residency. Already agreed residency stays, within the regular program will be completed according to an adjusted arrangement, in agreement with each artist. More information here

Residency artists 2021

Susan Kooi​

Saara Kanerva Tamminen​

Egle Oddo & Timo Tuhkanen​

Giovanna Esposito & Jaana Kokko​

Edith Hammar​

Panos & Päivi Balomenos​

Edel O’Reilley​

Jessie Bullivant​

Gesa Piper & Georgie Goater​

Ester Martin Bergsmark​

Clementine Edwards

Santiago de Mosteyrín​

Emma LaMorte & Benjamin Marvin​

Jes Hooper​

Benjamin Forster​

Anna Rokka​

Ann Rosen​

Hanna Johansson​​

Ester Fleckner & Johanna Karlsson​

Mammu Rankanen​

Residency artists 2020

Sakari Tervo

Jani A Purhonen

Saara Kanerva Tamminen

Sara Bjarland

Timo Tuhkanen & Egle Oddo

Hanne Ivars

Ari Saarto