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Korpo Archipelago Residency

The Pro Artibus Foundation’s new residency program at the Archipelago Centre Korpoström is being implemented in collaboration with Åbolands Skärgådsstiftelse (Åboland Archipelago Foundation) and the Åbo Akademi marine biological research station.

The residence is a pilot project, the purpose of which is to link environmental and marine research with art. The artist has a workroom at the Archipelago Centre and a residence in Lillstugan next to the centre. The Archipelago Centre Korpoström is a visitor center where science, nature, art and culture meet. The building serves as a base for Åbo Akademi University’s marine biological research in the Archipelago Sea, Metsähallitus’ activities in the Archipelago Sea National Park and the Biosphere Reserve’s educational activities, the Biosphere Academy. The residency period is six months.

Contact person:
Archipelago Centre Korpoström
Executive director Tuuli Toivola

+358 40 910 9776