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Residency-in-residence: Clementine Edwards

The Pro Artibus residency program Snäcksund the Villa, offers its long term (3 year) scholarship holders the possibility to invite other professional artists or experts for collaborative and interdisciplinary working – a residency in residence – during their second year within the program.

The 21st residency-in-residence program guest is Clementine Edwards.

During her residence at the Croft in November 2021, Clementine worked alongside long-term Pro Artibus resident Lukas Malte Hoffmann towards their online-only exhibition, Schlimberlake & Schlieber, at Light-harvesting Complex, Vantaa. Clementine is a Rotterdam-based artist from Naarm/Melbourne. Clementine’s practice is guided by the ongoing research line ‘material kinship’, which thinks material beyond extraction and possession, and kin and kin-making beyond bloodlines.

For Schlimberlake & Schlieber, Clementine and Lukas came together for a duo exhibition of illuminated sculptures honouring the end of the agrarian year and its main harvest.

In the lead up to this long-deferred collaboration between friends, Clementine and Lukas have kept in contact behind glowing screens. Being spatially separated, Lukas turned into light for Clementine, and also the other way around. The question that has guided them is, how to work with light in such a way that it re-releases the social energy it carries?

Now, with the darkening days, the two come together to present a playful, light-soaked installation, a procession of lanterns of sorts, at Light-harvesting Complex, Vantaa.

Schlimberlake & Schlieber
Clementine Edwards & Lukas Malte Hoffmann 
Light-harvesting Complex
Vantaa, Finland

The title of the exhibition relates to people they have seen a lot of but haven’t been in touch with.

Clementine Edwards is a Rotterdam-based artist from Naarm/Melbourne.

Clementine is currently a fellow at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam; recently lead the study group ‘Reframing Climate Colonialism: Pleasuring the Radical Imagination’ at the Dutch Art Institute; and soon publishes The Material Kinship Reader, co-edited by Kris Dittel. |


Lukas Malte Hoffmann is a Finnish-based artist from Germany and currently living with his partner Corinna Helenelund at Pro Artibus’ residency Villa Snäcksund in Tammisaari. Learning from intersectional feminism and affect theory, Lukas’ practice explores the various ways that technological systems and practices are embodied.


Light-harvesting Complex is a curatorial project dwelling in a greenhouse in Vantaa, run by Sara Blosseville and Victor Gogly. It is a living place evolving with the seasons, a place for alignment between beings in growth, where artworks are surrounded by life, which highlights the vibrancy dwelling in their matter. |