Elverket: Wed–Sun 11–17 | Sinne: Tue–Sun 11–17

O.S.A. R.S.V.P.

The exhibition O.S.A. R.S.V.P. deals with the importance of encountering things and meeting people in an experience of art. The exhibition has been curated by Juha-Heikki Tihinen and Kia Orama, and the planning of the exhibition and the audience work have gone hand in hand. The aim was to create a model for an exhibition in which each artist’s work, the encounter between that artist, their works, and the various publics opens up new possibilities for contemporary art operating models. The artists are Cecilia Hultman (SE), Marika Orenius (FI), Restless Minds (Fabian Olovson & Linda Emmy Al-Ghussein, SE) and Joel Slotte (FI).

The exhibition will change several times during its display period; at its centre the various opening events, meetings in the studio, the social dimensions of contemporary art, and the exhibition space. Gallery Elverket offers itself as a functional centre, where it is possible to experience art both as an individual and as a group. On display are a varying number of installations, paintings, photographs, sculptures and videos. Welcome to an encounter with art, with no advance preparation!



O.S.A. R.S.V.P. logotype by Joel Slotte.

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