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In the spirit of Nubben in five ways

Lars-Gunnar “Nubben” Nordström wrote:

“Jazz is living touching hearing seeing – and replicating”

(Jazz är att leva känna höra se – och åter-ge.).

The underlying idea behind the In the spirit of Nubben in five ways exhibition is the importance of multisensory experience and of variation in artistic work. The exhibition at Gallery Elverket presents five contemporary artists, all with their own style and voice, but they all dare to make unrestricted variations within the scope of their own artistic thinking, and to reflect critically. Their works go from multisensory to figurative to non-figurative and back, while creating new viewpoints on art and spaces for art.

The artists are: Oscar Hagen, Ville Laurinkoski, Jarkko Räsänen, Sasha Rotts and Man Yau.

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