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Regel 62: Finissage

Regel 62 exhibition at Sinne is coming to its end.
We celebrate the exhibition with an event on
Friday September 1st from 18:00 to 21:00

The evening is opened by Markus Åström, curator of Regel 62.  Between 18:15 and 21:00 the band Drapes247 perform a concert in two acts. During the evening the artist collective Nomadic Kiln Group will be making clay masks for the audience. The doors are open the whole evening, feel free to join us at anytime.

Drapes247 are Tomi Flyckt (analog synthesizers, sequencers, bass), Jani Hietanen (guitar, programming), Viljami Lehtonen (modular synthesizer), tenor saxophone), Jussi Liukkonen (drums looper, synthesizer). Drapes247 music is improvised and the concert at Sinne is a durational meditative session which communicate with the exhibition through a multichannel soundsystem.