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Jan-Erik Andersson & Shawn Decker: Bird’s Nest

Jan-Erik Andersson & Shawn Decker
Bird’s Nest, 2001 –
Wood installation, speakers

Vanha Helsingintie 19, 06100 Porvoo

Bird’s Nest consists of yellow triangle formations in wood that have been bolted together intuitively by the visual artist Jan-Erik Andersson, starting from the specific site where it is being exhibited, along with a sound installation. The sound elements are produced by the US sound artist Shawn Decker. The viewer can sit down inside the organic structure and take in the sound installation. Bird’s Nest is thus a site-specific, interactive sculptural work and has been shown, usually in public places adjoining cafés, since 2001. The piece is part of the Pro Artibus Foundation’s collection. Read more here



Pro Artibus Foundation has Porvoo as its focus area in the years 2021 and 2022. This means that part of the foundation’s activities is focused in Porvoo. Among other things, Pro Artibus collaborates with City of Porvoo Culture Services, Porvoo Art Hall and the Art Factory Residency.