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Pihalla by Corinna Helenelund and Lukas Malte Hoffmann

Pihalla is a project that has grown in the yard of Villa Snäcksund, Pro Artibus’ 3 year residency in Ekenäs. During their last 6 months in residence, resident Corinna Helenelund and her partner Lukas Malte Hoffmann invited fellow colleagues to visit Snäcksund, to share thoughts and work processes, and to make works for the yard.

In Finnish common use the expression ‘pihalla’ (literally ‘in the yard’) means being lost or not following. In artistic work this condition of being lost or not to understand can at times be very present, tickling wishes to dig deeper, understand in new ways, or to get even more lost. The page Pihalla has accompanied the project digitally, logging what was happening in the yard.

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