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“My paintings stem from everyday anecdotes, experiences and observations shared with friends – things that are generally important to me in some way. I paint portraits of my friends, my loved ones and myself. I add fictional characteristics to real people and depict them as alternative versions of themselves. These alter egos are a way of facing the surrounding reality and its phenomena; sudden horror that is mixed with seemingly calm everyday life, various states between emotions as well as love and raw joy.”

Joel Slotte (b. 1987 Kokkola) is a visual artist who lives and works in Helsinki. He first studied at the Nordic Art School 2007–2009, and then at the Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 2016. Slotte is a multifaceted artist, who paints, draws and makes ceramics. His works are in the Kiasma, Pro Artibus, HAM and other collections. His works are like secret journeys into art history, from where he gets ideas for works in which people from the present day appear. Joel Slotte was chosen the Young Artist of the Year 2021 in Finland.