The Pro Artibus Foundation is an independent organisation affiliated with the Foundation for Swedish Culture in Finland. Its main mission is to promote visual arts in all parts of the Swedish-speaking regions of Finland. The foundation manages and expands an art collection comprising of work by Swedish-speaking Finnish artists. Pro Artibus maintains the Art Centre for Swedish-speaking Finns in Ekenäs. The Art centre includes Gallery ElverketSinne is managed by the foundation on Iso Roobertinkatu in Helsinki.

In General

Pro Artibus Foundation was founded at the initiative of the Foundation for Swedish Culture in 1989. The initial task was to manage and improve the foundation’s collection. Pro Artibus was established in Ekenäs in 1991. Since then the business has expanded and now comprise a wide range of activities in the field of art. Since 2005, the Foundation runs its own property, Elverket, in the center of Ekenäs.


The Board of Directors is elected by the Swedish People’s Party Executive. It has a three-year mandate. The Board of Directors for 2020 is as follows:

  • Astrid Thors, President, Master of Laws with court training
  • Geir Byrkjeland, visual artist, public programme worker at Havets Hus
  • Riitta Heinämaa, M.A.
  • Patrik Nyberg, Assistant Curator at Kiasma
  • Pia Sirén, visual artist
  • Jenny Valli, Museum Director at Hämeenlinna Art Museum



Nina Toppila, Director


tel: +358 (0)40 581 5087


Carina Blomqvist, Administrative assistant


+358 (0)19 223 9010


Juha-Heikki Tihinen, Curator


+358 (0)400 688 458


Åsa Lönnqvist, Producer  


+358 (0)19 223 9013


Erica Wulff, Collections Inventory Coordinator


+358 (0)19 223 9012


Kaj Nylund, Conservator


+358 (0)19 223 9014


Markus Åström, Curator


+358 (0)41 437 6728


Kia Orama, Educational Curator


+358 (0)40 529 8656


Johanna Halme, Art Educator (Vaasa)


+358 (0)44 984 4044


Peik Neovius, Exhibits Technician


+358 (0)44 238 7089


Eveliina Tuulonen, Communications and Gallery Coordinator


+358 (0)40 755 8773



E-invoice address: 003708818245
Intermediator code: 003721291126 or MAVENTA.
Bank as your intermediator, use the intermediator code: DABAFIHH.

If your company does not have the possibility to send e-invoices, you should address the invoice to:

Stiftelsen Pro Artibus
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan

Nb! The whole address including the serial number should be written on the INVOICE, it is not enough to only write it on the envelope. If the serial number is missing from the address field on the invoice, the invoice will not be processed, but returned to sender.
If you prefer to send your invoice by e-mail (PDF), the e-mail address is:



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