Story Sharing Café


Story Sharing Café

Porvoon taidehalli, Läntinen Aleksanterinkatu 1, Porvoo

Saturday 28th of January at 2–4:30 pm

Welcome to an easygoing story-café where people seeking asylum, immigrants and native Finns can meet at a coffee-table and listen to each others stories. At the café we can for example listen to specially invited storytellers. This time we have invited persons from Stefan Bremer’s photography series The most important picture to tell their own stories.

Admission and coffee is free but we ask you to book your seat by sms at +358 (0)41 5287576. The program starts at 2 pm and we kindly ask the audience to come at that time.

The event is organized by Teater Universum & Pro Artibus Foundation as a part of the Borderline photography exhibition by Stefan Bremer and Ahmed Alalousi.


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