Juan Betancurth (COL/US) & Daniel Neumann (D/US)
Tanja Koponen

Sinne —-> Viherpaja

April 17th.- October 2nd

With the Mirage exhibition Sinne is stepping out of its own physical space to visit the Viherpaja garden centre in Vantaa. The show consists of two site-specific installations that will change shape during the course of the exhibition.

Mirage abandons the standard set-up for gallery shows, in which tempo and presentation are adapted to suit the market and to gain newsworthiness. Mirage follows the art for an extended period and allows it to continue to live freely in contact with the artist and its surroundings. Instead of presenting art as an end product the artists in Mirage continue to adjust and modify their works during the course of the exhibition. In contrast to the setting of a static white cube that is typical of galleries the garden centre subjects the art to constant exchange and alteration. Elements that cannot be directly influenced enter into the picture and become present. Factors such as the light, sound, temperatures and cycles come to play an important role and leave their mark on the installations, while also colouring the art experience itself.

For Mirage Daniel Neumann and Juan Betancurth have developed In A Myth of the Actual. Like their earlier collaborations, this one, too, is about incorporating elements, structures and atmospheres from the existing milieu. They first break down and analyse the prevailing situation, the site and its constituents in order to subsequently assemble a new structure from these parts, one that follows new rules. Sound is an important element in their installations, and for In A Myth of the Actual they have made sound into a tactile material by installing modules that vibrate and resonate in response to visitors. For the first time, the artists will be monitoring and using their work online. During the course of the exhibition, Neumann will log in and use the sound installation and the room as an instrument in his live performances elsewhere in the world.

In I made this for you Tanja Koponen has once again succeeded in creating a work that goes against the conventional image of art. Koponen’s works are highly intuitive and spontaneous. Here, she has had a small greenhouse set up amid nature alongside Viherpaja. We gain access to this greenhouse by finding our way out through the right door in the Viherpaja complex. The greenhouse is more or less like a fault in the image, a glitch that should not be there, but nor can it be ignored. Koponen is interested in plants and in humankind’s relationship with them. The work deals with our need to control nature and to coerce it into our own system based on demand and availability. Here she imposes this model over wild, burgeoning nature and tries to do things in reverse by fulfilling nature’s needs by tending the plants that are now inside the greenhouse throughout the exhibition period.

The exhibition’s title, Mirage (hägring in Swedish), refers to an optical phenomenon in which light is reflected and refracted through air layers of different temperatures. In a mirage we can sometimes see things that lie beyond the horizon, or it can form mirror images in which the landscape hangs upside down in the air. The Mirage exhibition, too, has its starting point in this type of distortion. The boundary between the artworks and their surroundings is obliterated and the point of transition becomes uncertain. Where does the art begin and end, and what is going on behind what we are actually seeing and experiencing?
The exhibition is a co-production with the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York and a part of the MOBIUS programme.

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