The Villa and The Croft – A place to research and explore

Snäcksund is located in the town of Ekenäs in Raseborg, surrounded by a thriving grove forest on a hill next to the sea.

The two apartments and well equipped artists studios within The Villa are primarily rented to Swedish-speaking Finnish artists. The Foundation for Swedish Culture in Finland grant three year scholarships for residing the Villa at Snäcksund. The Pro Artibus board selects the artists. Artists residing in the program during 2017-2019 are Ida Koitila and Heidi Lampenius.


The Croft is a place for short periods of artistic or art-related research. The Croft building is adjoined to the Snäcksund Villa residence. The residence programme at The Croft is open to Nordic artists, curators, art critics and educators, and is built around both invited projects and periodically announced open calls. Each residency is planned individually to match the needs of the project. Due to the diverse character of projects we facilitate both short and long stays (up to 2 months). Participants receive travel allowances for the most economical return journey to The Croft, plus production support according to need. The Croft also serves as a residency-in-residence programme under The Villa programme.

Open Call for 2020 is running until 12 May 2019.

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